Hello and welcome to my blog.

I started this as a project for my Masters in Professional Writing at Falmouth University. As a mum of four children, eldest just turned 18 so strictly speaking an adult now, I haven’t had much time to read these last few years. That is changing now as my course has opened up my joy and love of the written word again.

I’m also making time for reading. My mother, who’s retired and in her seventies,┬átells me she doesn’t have time to read. This got me thinking, if she doesn’t at her stage in life, it’s probably more a choice than a fact. I’m choosing to make time and it seems to be working!

My blog features writing notes gleaned from seminars, talks and other writers blogs and books. It also has reviews of books I’ve read and notes about books I’m writing. Hopefully, it will one day have details of books I’ve written. But for now ….read on…